Going Deeper: Stretch Series - Our Service

Each week in January, we will be providing additional resources that may help to go deeper with whatever series we’re currently focusing on as a church. Resources could include recommended books, articles, online sermons, courses, or videos. These are optional extras! Please don’t feel under pressure to look at every resource, but consider what could be useful to you (or your group if you are a small group leader).

Download the Sermon, Small Group Questions, and ‘Going Deeper” Resource.

Resource for Families

  • Discuss the way you serve each other as a family. Share some experiences of an act of service that has helped you learn more about God with each other.

Every Ministry Matters Expression of Interest Forms

  • If you haven’t already, spend some time thinking about and praying over the various serving opportunities at St Bart’s on the ‘Expression of Interest’ form. You can also complete it online.

Videos & Talks

Articles and Other Reading