Going Deeper: Stretch Series - Our Generosity

Each week in January, we will be providing additional resources that may help to go deeper with whatever series we’re currently focusing on as a church. Resources could include recommended books, articles, online sermons, courses, or videos. These are optional extras! Please don’t feel under pressure to look at every resource, but consider what could be useful to you (or your group if you are a small group leader).

Download the Sermon, Small Group Questions, and ‘Going Deeper” Resource.

Resource for Families

  • From “Talking Together” this week: Thinking about gifts and being generous, how could you use your gifts for the glory of God? How could you use your gifts to encourage someone else? Talk with each other and work out what each other’s gifts might be. Talk about how you could help your family with your gifts. Break into pairs and work out how you can encourage each other this week.


  • As we seek to grow in our appreciation of God’s great generosity to us, listen to Bach’s “Christmas Oratario”, which features the line: “He has come on earth as poor, that he might have compassion for us to make us rich in heaven, and like his beloved angels.”.
  • King’s Kaleidoscope, “Grace Alone”. See online: https://goo.gl/tQr7p8

Reflection from Spurgeon

  • “To all the church also, it is given, and to each member in his measure, to serve God by giving. Some are enabled, being made stewards of wealth, to give largely of their substance; they are bound to do so, but they should not give it merely as being bound, but feeling it to be their privilege to give whatever they can to Him who gave them their all, and who is their All. The poorest Christian is not exempted from this privilege; if he has but little, God accepts according to that which a man has, and not according to that which he has not. And if he is so poor that he cannot even give the two mites which make a farthing, still he may give to God of his time; he may give to God of such ability as he has in the teaching of the young, in the distribution of the printed word, or in some other form of service which shall come conveniently within his reach. But none must escape from being givers to God in some way, for we are all receivers, and so should be all dispensers. Give Him our prayers, give Him our praises, give Him such efforts as we can, but let us all be givers, and let us take heed to the text—and be cheerful givers, too!” (Charles Spurgeon from “A Cheerful Giver is Beloved of God”)

Articles and Other Reading

  • “More than Money: Tim Keller on How to Live Generously”. See: https://goo.gl/PXpV8H
  • BOOK: “Giving Generously: Resourcing Local Church Ministry” by Rod Irvine.