Five Ways to Celebrate Christmas


Celebrating Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to God for Jesus and also anticipate his return. Sometimes with the busyness of December, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day can be upon us without really having had the opportunity to prepare well (beyond the tree, gifts, food, and parties!). Here are five suggestions for entering into the truth of Christmas. #1: Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth and early years. There are two of these (Luke 1:1-2 and Matthew 1-2) and each has a unique voice. Together they provide a wonderful picture of the people and events leading up to his birth, the phenomenal news that he is God with us, and also his mission on earth.

2: Visit John Gamble’s Christmas Lights. Go along and take a friend to be reminded of the incredible news that Jesus is the light of the world. This is a wonderful way to be reminded of the incredible gift of Jesus to the world. John’s lights are located at: 8 Grant Close, Middle Ridge (7-9.30PM up to Boxing Day).

3: Give Something Away. We can be sometimes inundated with gifts, yet there are so many people in desperate need in our world. Consider supporting TEAR (through the Useful Gift Guide), the World Vision Christmas Appeal, and the Angel Tree gift programme.

4: Pray for Opportunities to Share the Great News of Jesus. Every morning, pray along the lines of: "Dear God, please give me the opportunity and strength to be a witness and point to Jesus today".

5: Come to St Bart’s on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please take some flyers and invite some friends so that they can also revel in the great news that Jesus is God with us! Check out our Christmas Services online.