Stage TWO Update


Friday 2nd December marked the finalisation of the design phase of Stage TWO, and contracts have been forwarded to the Diocese for execution. This week, certifiers will approve the building application. It is now only 7 weeks before construction commences, scheduled for 16th January with practical completion on Monday 12th June.

There were some significant issues to overcome, but a will by Diocesan representatives to make this project happen ensured the process was not delayed.

The project is estimated to cost $2.1 million. Already $80,000 has been deposited into the Education and Christian Teaching Fund in the past 3 months since the launch of VISION 2020, which has assisted with preliminary design costs.

The old rectory at 5 Tulip Court will be advertised for sale this week with Professionals Insight the marketing agents. Proceeds from the sale will be directed towards this project, and a loan of $1.5 million has been approved by Anfin, the finance arm of the Diocese. Repayments will be $11,000 per month for 15 years. This is a significant financial burden being an increase in the monthly commitment of $6500pm on the current loan repayments. The old loan which currently stands at $85,000Dr will be incorporated in due course.

It must be emphasised how wonderful it has been working with Struxi and its design team headed by Owen Kleidon, and especially Bryce, Shelley, Bree and Jordan.

Matt Neilson has been the guiding hand with Hutchinson builders during this stage, and we will have Craig Gooderham as Hutchinsons Project Manager, and Jono Kings as Supervisor. He was also supervisor on Stage 1. To date it has been an absolute delight to work with these professionals. Thanks also to DMA who have done the electrical and mechanical drawings and RMA as the structural engineers.

Seven weeks is a very short time, so soon we will be accompanied by the sound of earthmoving equipment. Praise God that it has all gone very smoothly since our first meeting with Hutchinsons and Struxi on 2nd May, just 7 months ago. In 7 more months, the building will be substantially complete. Please continue to pray for the health and safety of all involved in the project, and the continued financial resources to make it happen and fund the ongoing loan repayments.