Election of Parish Council


With great thanks to God, we today elected our new Parish Council for 2017. Our current churchwardens (Jeremy Freyburg, Dennis Gamble, and Wendy Swanson) will continue on. Michael Dennison and Jeremy Freyburg were elected as Synod Representatives, whilst the current nominators (Warren Dutton, Dennis Gamble, and Trish Rathie) will also continue. The Parish Council members for 2017 are:

  • Jeremy Freyburg (Warden and Synod Representative)
  • Dennis Gamble (Priest's Warden and Nominator)
  • Wendy Swanson (Warden)
  • Michael Dennison (Synod Representative)
  • Warren Dutton (Nominator)
  • Jodie O'Shannassy
  • Amy Norman (Priest Appointed)
  • Trish Rathie (Nominator)
  • Nicholas Ryan
  • Matthew Skelton (Priest Appointed)
  • Graeme Thomas
  • Malcolm Thompson
  • Kate Venables
  • Two positions (to be appointed by the Priest-in-Charge) remain vacant.

Please give thanks to God for those elected and pray for them as they serve in this role in the life of our church.