What's been Happening at Kids Club?


This term at Kids Club we have been having a great time, working through the foundations of our faith, from the basis of the Nicene Creed. This has been great, as we have been looking at how understanding more about Jesus helps us understand about God. At Kids Club our focus is to learn about Jesus and become more like Him. As we do this we can be the light of Jesus in our homes, our schools and everywhere. Some of the highlights this year, is the amount of Bibles that have gone home to families. At Kids Club we have a number of Bibles the children can save for, including the Action Bible, the Jesus Storybook Bible, and of course our very popular Unofficial Minecraft Bible.

There is a great team who has been serving every week to make Kids Club happen for the children and the families who attend.

As we continue to grow, we will need to expand our team. Kids Club is on Fridays of school terms from 3.30pm to 5:15pm. We have 3 main groups, preschool - prep, grade 1 - 3, and then grade 4 - 6. we have an intro time together, then a time of games, followed by afternoon tea, we watch a video then split into groups to learn about the Bible a bit more. We then return for review, prayer and sometimes a song.

Helping with Kids Club means you get to meet great families and their children. Teach and have fun in a relaxed environment, and be part of a great team.

We will be having our party break up on Dec 2.

Contact Stephen to find out more about serving and helping at Kids Club