Deferred AGM - Election of Office Bearers


In just two weeks, we will have our deferred AGM.  The regulations say that we must have an election of office bearers by a certain time in the New Year. However, for some very good reasons and particularly so we have the new parish council in place by January 1st 2017, we will have the election on the last Sunday of November. Then in February next year we will deal with the other matters relating to the year that has just gone with all the various reports. So on Sunday 27th November we need to have received all the nominations for parish Council, Wardens, Nominators, and Synod Representatives. We like to have them in by the week before.

Generally speaking, we have 3 wardens and 3 Parish Nominators and the Parish Council will need to have a multiple of 3 in its formation. This is because two-thirds of the Parish Council is elected and the other third appointed by the Parish Priest-in-Charge, Adam.

A number of parish councillors and wardens are stepping down, so we asking the congregation to prayerfully consider who you would like to have in that role. Parish Council will be meeting on the third Monday of each month in 2017, a change from previous years. Generally reports from wardens, treasurer and others are tabled after distribution the previous week, so matters can be reviewed expeditiously. That allows time for the PC to review plans for the months and in some cases years ahead. So effectively it is a committee of review but importantly to preposition the parish for a future time.

Nomination Forms are available in the foyer and you must be a member of St Barts to be an elector or office bearer. If you are not on the parish Roll you are not a member and cannot vote, so here’s your opportunity to fill our membership form.

Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to fill one of those roles, or know just the person who would be just right in that position.