Growing in our Knowledge about God and Relationship with God


It was wonderful last week as we commenced a new series on ‘Forgotten Letters of the New Testament’ to be reminded of the importance for us all to be growing in our confidence of what we believe. That was of critical importance when Jude wrote to the church, especially so that people were able to recognise the false teaching that was ‘slipping in’. We also saw that as passionate followers of Jesus, growing in our knowledge about God and growing in our relationship with God, go hand-in-hand. We then were reminded of that at 9.30AM as we celebrated Bob Scott’s 101st birthday and he encouraged everyone to keep o seeking the Lord. So I wonder, before the end of the year if there is something that each of us could do to help grow in knowledge about God and relationship with God? It’s easy to leave these things until the new year, but how good it is for us to seize the opportunity! Here are a few ideas from which you might like to choose one.

  • Join a Small Group (or if you can’t, try the discussion questions – relating to the sermon passage – available at church or on our website). More information.
  • Use the Talking Together Resource. This is a great resource for going deeper – available every week. You can also access it online.
  • Grow your prayer life. Try setting aside a minimum time every day. Try the ‘ACTS’ model (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication). Also come along to the prayer night.
  • Grow your Bible reading. What’s your current Bible reading habit? Try reading through a gospel or pick up a devotional from Koorong.
  • Sign Up to a Ridley Certificate Course. Okay, the next one starts in 2017, but see Trish Rathie to find out more