Mission Partner prayer points for this week: Maranoa-Warrego District, Steffan Van Munster

  • Give thanks for the rain that has fallen across the region bring hope to people on the land and in the towns.
  • Give thanks that Steffan is to be Commissioned as Priest in charge of the Parish by Bishop Cam on the 8th of December. Bless Steffan for his commitment to the region.
  • Pray for blessings on Steffan and his ministry, that he will continue to connect with people across the region and that the church will prosper under his ministry.
  • Pray for wisdom for Steffan as he connects with police officers in his role as Police Chaplain.
  • Pray blessings on the faithful few who have continued to support their churches through hard times in the towns of the western parishes.

For further information on our partnership with Maranoa-Warrego District, please contact our liaison, David Johnstone.