Update on STAGE TWO Pledges

The pledges for STAGE TWO have continued to come in since our official ‘Pledge Sunday’ on September 25. I’m so thankful to God that so far, $365,485 has been pledged (of which $156,600 is from the parish council and staff team). What amazing generosity! In total, there has been 75 pledges received, representing around 25% of families (of all different shapes and sizes) in our church. If you have not yet had the opportunity to return a pledge form, would you please pray about it and consider doing so in the coming week or two? The more of us that are involved in the process, the stronger our case will be as we apply for a loan through the Diocese.

Sometimes we can hesitate in giving because we feel that our gift is small, but please do not ever underestimate the power of your giving! God looks to our hearts, not the size of the gift. The Lord has an amazing way of gathering our gifts and using them for his kingdom and glory. That’s our prayer as we seek to build STAGE TWO to help resource St Bart’s for mission both today and as a church for the city for the next century. How amazing that God involves us so much in his mission to the world! May everything we do be for his kingdom and glory.

For more information on STAGE TWO, visit the page on our website or contact the church office for a booklet and pledge pack.