Ridley Certificate (Gospel and Life)


St Bart’s, in partnership with Ridley College, is offering subjects in the Ridley Certificate. The Ridley Certificate provides quality theological education for busy people. For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, grow in their faith and develop skills for ministry. The next study opportunity is commencing July 19 with the subject, "Gospel and Life". This subject runs for 6 weeks and a full certificate is awarded following completion of 10 subjects. There is no time limit to completing the certificate. You can dip in and out of it, picking up a subject as you please. The format of each lesson includes two video lectures, handouts and group discussion questions, as well as an online quiz to do at home. Cost is $80 per subject. Register at http://certificate.ridley.edu.au and click on ‘Courses’ (please also let the director of our Training Centre, Trish Rathie, know that you have registered). For more information, see certificate.ridley.edu.au. Any questions to office@stbarts.com.au or 07 4636 2922.