Great Mission Trip to Charleville


Over the weekend July 7 to 11 Jo Vandersee from Brookfield/Kenmore parish, Barry Stone, and Marilyn and David Johnstone went on a mission trip to Charleville to support the Rev'd Steffan Van Munster and the people of the church in Charleville and Augathella. Steffan is doing good ministry work across the huge area of the west that is his Parish. He logged up 55 thousand K’s in the past financial year travelling between preaching points and home/farm visits. In addition to his parish work Steffan has been appointed police Chaplin for the region, a role that is giving him some great connections. On Saturday the July 9 Steffan went to Cunnamulla for a Police Blue Light day, in conjunction with NADOC week celebrations, where police interacted with the youth of the community, over 80 young people attended the day. Steffan helped out with various activities and made some good connections. Church in the market place.

We met with parishioners in both Charleville and Augathella and although the numbers were down in Charleville Augathella response was great.  It was good to see 2 young Mums with their children in the service in Augathella along with a local lady who came to church for the first time on Sunday.

As part of our trip we did a lot of cleaning in the Rectory in Charleville which has been unused for many years. The building is 100 years old this week and is a grand old home which could use some loving. Steffan has plans to use the Rectory as a place for retreats and small school groups to come and experience the country. There is some work to be done yet but the basic are all there. On Saturday held a wine and cheese evening in the freshly cleaned lounge room and it was great seeing life returning to the building while connecting with several members of the community, including the local reporter who aims to write an article on the rectory in its 100th year.

Another trip is planned for later in the year.