Galatians: Thinking about freedom

How many songs or lines about freedom do you know? "I'm free... to do what I want... any old time", Braveheart's cry "FREEDOM", the slaves in the courtroom who were board the Amistad "Give us us free!", or maybe the Englebert Humperdinck class "Free as the wind". We have been making our way through the book of Galatians over the last five weeks, this idea of freedom has come up a few times, and I have been wrestling with it each time. When people are freed some where their lives are different forever. In Galatians we have been freed from sin and shame because of Jesus life death and resurrection. How has being free from sin affected your life? As we come to a close, we start to look at what lives look like, that are shaped by the gospel. Obviously we still make mistakes, and we have a loving Father who forgives us, yet we strive to live lives that honour him.

In these last 2 weeks, take some time to read over Galatians 5 - 6. Thanking God for the freedom we have in Christ. Praying that we may grow in our character.