Training: Pastoral Care in a Multicultural Society


Jenny Noble chaplain from Blue Care South West Cluster will be joining us here at St Bart’s on July 9 to explore pastoral Care within a Multi Cultural Society. Jenny has a strong interest in Palliative Pastoral Care, and has recently attended Symposiums on these subjects. How does our own cultural upbringing and thinking influence our interaction with people from another faith/cultural background? Are we really offering pastoral care that is non judgemental? Come along for a challenging morning of both information sharing, and looking at ourselves in the light of that information! Saturday July 9 from 9am till 1pm with a morning tea at St Bart's, this is a morning not to be missed as our community changes so do we in the way we do Pastoral Care. Any questions call Ron on 0412 002 116. Register using the form, or by calling the office, or signing up using the clipboard at church.