VISION2020 and "Stage 2"


If you’ve wandered around the ‘paddock’ behind the church, you may have noticed some posts that have been recently hammered in. The exciting news is that these are surveyor pegs outlining the footprint of what will become ‘stage 2’ – God willing – in 2017! Since I arrived at St Bart’s, hardly a week goes by without someone asking me, “when will we commence the second stage of the building?”. The answer is: very soon! Together as a church, we have been working intently on our VISION 2020 as we strive to make and mature disciples. The second stage of our building is a key part of resourcing St Bart’s as a church for the city not just for us, but for many generations to come. Accordingly, over the next few months, we will be formally launching the building program. This will involve prayer, consultation, and of course raising sufficient funds.

Stage 2 Pre-Launch on Sunday July 17 at 11.15AM. After our Sunday services, everyone is invited to join us as we drive a stake in the ground and commit the entire project to prayer. We’ll then have a celebratory BBQ together.

Stage 2 Launch, Friday September 2 at 7.00PM. This will be a special event not to be missed! At this function we will officially launch the building plans and have an opportunity to support it with our resources.

Tax Deductible Donations to Building Fund. Before we launch Stage 2, it is essential that we clear the debt from Stage 1. There has already been a stellar effort, having reduced the loan from $860,000 in January 2012 to just $110,000 in four years. As this is a tax deductible fund, and the end of financial year is near, you may like to make a contribution in the coming week.