Holiday Program: July 4 - July 8 | What can I do?


But but but….What can I do? I have had a few people ask me, what they can do at the kids club. ‘I am not very good in front of children’. That’s totally OK. There are many things that I am not good at either, and that's why we work in teams. We are all gifted and skilled in different ways.

We have a wonderful chance to work together to make disciples for God's glory!

I have compiled a list of roles that are really needed for the Holidays Kids Club to function well. So far we have some fantastic age group leaders. They will help co-ordinate each age group throughout the day. Below are some other roles that we need:

  1. Small group leaders – These people will help a small number of children work on their craft, but really, the small group leader is there to help facilitate discussion around the main point of the drama or teaching. Groups are ideally about 5 – 6 in each group & be split by gender. So we hope have small groups for age 3 – Kindy, Prep to grade 2, grade 3 – 4, and grade 5 – 6.
  2. Helpful volunteers – These are general assistants to to the small group leaders, as well at the age group leader. This involves sitting with the children and helping as requested. This will look like caring for children who need extra help with their craft, or help in the games, or memory verses.
  3. Games leader – At the beginning of the day, at the end, and during lunch, we will need some people to run games for the different age groups.
  4. Music team – A small part of the program will be singing. This role speaks for itself.. well.. really sings, or plays :)
  5. Drama team – We have a silly knight, and his of offsider, as well as various bible story roles.
  6. Welcoming / admin team – These people welcome, also help people register for the day and sign out as well. It would be helpful if they were there for the day as well, but this is not essential.
  7. Kitchen team – As we are catering for the children, we need some people to look after kitchen duties. Preparing morning tea, cleaning up, then preparing and serving lunch, and for the children who are staying until 3pm… there will be a light afternoon tea of fruit as well.
  8. Prayer team – A fantastic group of people that commit to pray for the program everyday.
  9. Carnival team – On the Friday afternoon, the last hour will be a great big medieval carnival. There will be food and activities, music, and a jumping castle. A team will be needed to help run this alone.

If you are available to help at any time throughout the week, that would be sensational. Any time you have would be good. Please let me know when you are available ASAP. You can email ( or phone me (0413 033 925).

In Christ, Stephen