Facilities Task Group Update

This week Greatway Patios will commence construction of the Patio Cover. There will be a little inconvenience for two weeks but the wait will be worthwhile. Our concreter Ron was back last week to give the existing concrete a good clean and sealed it. I am sure you can see that the whole area to be covered looks very good and the new patch not so evident. Mindful of the fact that St Bart's is growing at such a rate that space is at a premium, the Facilities Task Group has been formed to explore ways forward to not only facilitate Stage 2 of the building but also examine ways the existing facilities may be modified to incorporate future needs.

The group of six members includes of Kate Venables, Wendy Swanson, Jeremy Freyburg, Ross Ford, Reuben Lawrence, and Warren Dutton. If the need arises, additions may be made at various times, but mainly it will be a case of a lot of consultation with others.

The group met for the first time on Thursday and it was amazing to see how much progress was made when a few people get together with pens on a plan. We are required under the terms of the original Development Application approved in 2010, to follow the footprint of the plan for Stage 2. While this can be limiting in some aspects, we found that essentially the original plan was very good and it will just be a case of rearranging a few areas. We will be meeting shortly with a chosen designer, once we are able to provide them with a brief. We need to bear in mind that a Building Application must be lodged by July 2017.

We will keep everyone informed of progress over the coming months as we move into a new phase of development of the St Bart's site.