Mission Prayer Partner Points for this Week - CMS



  • For a language helper for us - language learning is a bit of a challenge at the moment with a baby and J would really benefit from someone who is able to come to the home.
  • For those working among groups like the Mountain People. The workers are few. Pray that they would persevere despite little fruit and that more workers will be able to live in regions like this.
  • For T’s new work - for good connection with the students and that he would get the balance right with language learning, family and work.
  • For greater awareness and investment in those with disabilities in the country. Pray that this marginalised group might increasingly get to hear the good news.


  • For opportunities to reconnect with old friends since returning.
  • For the positive relationship we have with K and for his desire to work together in the student work.

For further information on our mission partnership with CMS, please contact liaison, Richard Hargreaves.