Reflections from the Leadership Retreat


Dennis Gamble put together some wonderful reflections from our leadership retreat and I thought it would be great to share them here. First, some aspects which were of great encoruagement:

  • Reflected on the the characteristics of Christian leadership, and the need to encourage and fan into flame the God given gifts of each person.
  • Increased appreciation that we need to be more and more like Christ, and always keep focused on Christ in everything we do as leaders.
  • Being blown away on Saturday morning, waking up to an envelope full of encouragement letters about our leadership qualities/potential in St Bart’s
  • Enjoyed rich fellowship between each other over the meal table, over morning and afternoon tea, and working and sharing together in small groups. Enjoyed the conversations and getting to know and be encouraged by each other’s walk with God.

Gave us insights in how God made and shaped each of us, the differences between us, and our need to appreciate and encourage each other with the love of Christ. These insights came from undertaking a leadership style survey, explanations from Adam, and sharing and mapping the results. This process helped us:

  • Understand our personal leadership styles and our strength and weaknesses,
  • Share our differences leadership styles and gain a better appreciation of each other,
  • Share and discuss the strengths of each other’s leadership style and value differences,
  • Appreciate the missing leadership styles in the group,
  • Appreciate the need for leaders to have the flexibility to work within other leadership styles that best suites the role they have, or task at hand,
  • The need to value, appreciate, love, and pray for each other as leaders,
  • Spending a quiet hour developing our 2016 Leadership Personal Development Plan and sharing the plans in small groups and praying for each other and their plans.

At St Bart’s over a beautiful meal we were inspired by an amazing guest speaker, Ruth Limkin, speaking on her experiences in partnership with God’s Spirit as He opened many different doors for her, her desire was always to bear His Kingdom into this world. She kept listening to God’s whisper and always said yes to the Lord and figured out what to do later. She trusted in Him to equip her with whatever she needed. She was aware that God took pleasure in His relationship with her and that He was recalibrating her life to step into each new situation. Her characteristics of Christian leadership also included: obedience, keep plodding, learn to forgive, always worship the Lord in the midst of it all, keep loving, act on concerns, and appreciate that out of the challenges come highlights. She learned that His love for and her identity IN Christ always triumphed over her fears and insecurity.