Mission Prayer Partner Points for this week: Maranoa-Warrego District

  • Give thanks for rain that has fallen across many areas of the Parish in the last few weeks and pray that the farming community will acknowledge where the rains come from and take time to thank God for His provision. Also pray for areas that have not had rain to be blessed with rain also.
  • Pray for Steffan as he travels across his large Parish, for safety as he travels, for connections with people in all the centres he visits and for wisdom in how best to minister to people spread over such a vast area. We also pray for financial blessings for the parish.
  • Steffan's prayer is that the district will experience a Spiritual Revival strong spiritual growth within the churches, with many reconnecting with their local church and for many coming to know Christ for the first time. That people’s hearts would be accepting of God. We support him in this prayer.
  • We also pray for good connections with clergy of other denominations, that they can work together for God's glory and be a strong witness to the local communities of the power of God and His love.

For more information on our mission partnership with Maranoa-Warrego District, please contact our liaisons,  Ginny Boner & David Johnstone.