Feedback from John Gamble's Christmas Lights


As you know John Gamble entered in The Chronicle Christmas Lights Competition and won Best Nativity Display for which we are all thankful considering the effort and passion he has put into them. The publicity has been wonderful, the day after he was interviewed for WIN News at the beginning of the month (before the announcement of the winders) and also The Chronicle, Channel 7 Local News arrived all because Jim Macarthur-Onslow rang and told them all about John. Last night he featured again on the Channel 7 News and tonight will be on Win News again. Because of all the publicity and the “bush telegraph” over 5,000 people have walked through his garden. After the St Bart's Carols Nights, every family who has come through the garden, has received the flyer regarding the St Bart's Christmas Services, I think it will be interesting how many visitors come and see what we are all about! We are all getting very weary and next year it would be wonderful to have more volunteers to share the load. We have had to add to the number of volunteers in this last week because we are getting well over 400 (last night 580!) people through. A lot of people are coming back and bringing family which is wonderful.

On behalf of John and Dennis, I would like to thank all those St Bartians who volunteered their valuable time to help at 8 Grant Close. We had people directing the traffic, people handing out the St Bart's flyers, plus a postcard copy of the latest painting by Vivienne with an explanation on the reverse. People on the lawn making sure the little people looked but didn’t touch. Actually their parents were terrific and hardly anyone had to be told! People playing the role of “security elf” in the Prayer Garden and people explaining the paintings. Everyone also engaged with the visitors and I have heard that fruitful conversations were conducted. It has all been very much appreciated.

-- Caroline Freyburg