Mission Partner Prayer Points for this Week: Hearts for Africa

  • Give thanks for the continued growth of the Children of Peace School now the leading primary school in the District.
  • Give thanks for the support from donors who enable attendance of children from poverty-stricken families often on subsistence farming.
  • Give thanks for the Amani Development Organisation for a self-employment program that allows paid workers to become share farmers.
  • Give thanks for the provision of a larger school bus and pray for on-going support for maintenance and operating costs of the two buses.
  • Pray for continued sponsorship at school and college level for training of local people who can return as teachers and trainers to their local communities.
  • Pray for the initiative of the East Africa Community States in establishing a stronger economic base aimed at making a significant dent on poverty.
  • The Amani Foundation are truly thankful for the generous support and "pray that you enjoy a blessed and joyful Christmas Season"

For further information on our mission partnership with Hearts For Africa, please contact liaison, Barry Stone.