2016 Kids Club Wrap Up

Kid’s Club has had an incredible 2015. Our weekly numbers have risen so we now have had 30 children attending each Friday. The age group that has really exploded has been in our preschool program – sometimes 12 + attending each week. Many who have been coming have had no previous link with church. I see that Kids Club, like Mainly Music, is an important ministry to the wider community, and one that must continue. This year the kids have had lots of fun. They have played games like hide and seek for the little ones whilst the older group has enjoyed robbing the nest as well as the obligatory end of term Mummy Game. During our studies we have been raiders of the empty tomb; journeyed with Abraham, Isaac and Israel; and shared the challenges of leadership experienced by Moses as he led God’s people out of Egypt. We have discovered the amazing miracles of Jesus and looked at Jesus through the eyes of those He touched. It has been a year of fun and growth.

I do want to thank the dedicated team of leaders. Without them, Kids Club could not happen. We also have a prayer team covering the whole afternoon. This has made an incredible difference to the smooth running of the program. As we grow in numbers, we will need more leaders. Please prayerfully consider the role you may have within this ministry next year. It may be joining the prayer team and praying as we deliver the program, it may be coming and helping serve afternoon tea or it may be as part of the leadership team – walking along side these kids and helping them discover that Jesus loves them. If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to talk with Stephen or myself.

Thank you so much for your support. Next year is going to be a blast! Trish Rathie