John Gamble's Christmas Lights


It is a really worthwhile visit to see John Gable's lights at 8 Grant Close, Middle Ridge. John is a much loved member of St Bart's, is legally blind, and has once again put on an amazing Christmas Light display with help from his parents and a willing group of volunteers from St Bart's. The theme this year is "Christ be our Light" and aims to show the true meaning of Christmas rather than the commercialised holidays that it often becomes. There is also some amazing artwork on display and volunteers to explain the Gospel every night. The lights will be on display every night leading up to Boxing Day, from 7.00 - 9.30PM each night. John has also attracted quite a bit of media attention from both WIN and Channel Seven NEWS. You can view the WIN interview below, and the channel Seven interview on their YouTube channel.

You can also check out and 'like' John's Facebook page.

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