Mission Partner Prayer Points for this Week - Maranoa-Warrego District

  • We offer prayers of thanksgiving that God has called a special man in Steffan Van Munster to minister in such a wide and diverse ministry district as the Maranoa- Warrego District.
  • Pray for Steffan who was ordained as a priest yesterday as he takes up his role out west with a new spiritual authority. That he will serve the district well under God’s guidance and that God will protect Steffan as he travels vast distances to perform his ministry. We pray also that you Lord will bless the local churches with finances to support Steffan in his ministry.
  • Pray for contacts in the local communities, both on the land and in the towns, as Steffan moves across the large area he serves in. As police Chaplin for the district we pray that he will be a blessing to the local police officers who work in often difficult conditions.
  • Pray for the local churches, that they will grow both numerically and spiritually, that the Holy Spirit would be at work in areas that appear to be spiritually barren.
  • And as we pray Lord for spiritual rain to fresh the people and the church we pray for physical rain to bless the dry barren land. Have mercy on your people as they struggle to survive the drought which affects not just the people on the land but also the people of the towns as they try to cope with the flow on effect of the drought on their business and lives.

For further information on our partnership with Steffan Van Munster, please contact liaisons, David Johnstone & Ginny Bonser.