Election of 2016 Parish Council


With great thanks to God, the Parish Council for 2016 was elected this morning at 11.30AM. This year there will be ten parish councillors (with two more appointments pending by Adam), three wardens, and three nominators. The wardens will remain the same from 2015 (i.e., Dennis Gamble, Wendy Swanson, and Jeremy Freyburg) with the nominators being Trish Rathie, Warren Dutton, and Dennis Gamble. The 2016 parish councillors are:

  1. Mike Dennison (new for 2016)
  2. Warren Dutton
  3. Josh Goodall
  4. Andrew Kopsines (new for 2016)
  5. Reuben Lawrence
  6. Jodie O’Shannassy
  7. Barry Stone
  8. Malcolm Thompson
  9. Trish Rathie (Priest-in-Charge appointee)
  10. Kate Venables (new for 2016 and Priest-in-Charge appointee)

Please pray for our various parish council members as they strive to serve God in this capacity, seeking his wisdom and will for our church.