How to Promote our Carols


There’s a lot of excitement building around our carols coming up on December 8 (Tuesday) and 9 (Wednesday). It’s also great to see that people are being incredibly active in inviting along friends, family, and work colleagues. Here are some really simple ways to invite people along:

  • Pick up some flyers from church. You might hand these to people when you invite them, or even drop them in letterboxes (so long as they’re no marked with ‘no junk mail’ of course) in your street with a little personal note attached. You might be very surprised by how receptive people are to your invitation. I remember when my mum took my grandfather to church in Longreach, he said that he really loved going. When my mum asked him why he hadn’t gone before, he simply said ‘I probably would have if someone had of asked me’. Invitations are powerful.
  • Share the Facebook event. If you’re on Facebook, make sure you visit our page (‘like’ it while you are there) and indicate that you’re going along to the carols. This helps promote the event online. You might also like to share it with your friends on Facebook – lots of people have and we are finding it a very effective promotion.
  • Forward the Carols Email. In the coming days, everyone on our email list will be receiving a special carols invitation. You might like to forward this to friends and also invite them along.

Please continuing to pray for our carols nights. Our aim is of course not to make it spectacular in size – but to use it as an incredible opportunity to point as many people as possible to Jesus.