Cent Sale

For quite a few years now, a small group of ladies have been conducting a cent sale at St Bart's on a regular basis. I believe it was originally to assist with raising funds for the new church way back when we operated St Bart's at the previous site, and it helped in growing the funds before even the plans were finalised. This has continued even though we moved to our present site just under 4 years ago, as we still have funds owing on the building of about $140,000. Stage two is envisaged in 2017 and we will continue to have the same need.

Last weekend, the cent sale provided over $1000 which was banked directly into the building fund. How much the ladies have raised over the years hasn’t been calculated but the amount is certainly substantial and the amount owing would be considerably more than present. Cent sales are not the only activity this group does – there’s a lot more.

So when you read that another cent sale is about to happen, give a thought to the dedication of what has been referred to in the past as Jan Baj’s small group, and what a difference they have made. Thanks so much ladies.