Car Parking


With some growth in our morning services, car parking has been tricky at times – as I’m sure you have experienced (what a great problem to have!). To ensure a safe environment and adequate car parking, please note:

  • The speed limit is 10km/hr once entering the driveway.
  • Please refrain from parking on Stenner Street (either side of the driveway), as it blocks visibility when entering and exiting the driveway.
  • There is no parking allowed opposite the drop-off zone.

If you’re physically able to, we would love it if some people could make use of the grass area (turn left when entering the driveway) for parking. This could free up quite a number of car parks and alleviate the parking pressure (without people needing to park on the road). What a privilege that we have some growing pains! I’m so thankful for the gospel partnership that we all share.