Hearing God Speak

As we explored the topic of God speaking two weekends ago, I thought it might be helpful to provide some resources to assist us in reading the Bible. The most important resource to have is a Study Bible. There are many types of Study Bibles available from stores like Koorong. A Study Bible includes the Bible text, along with helpful comments and reflection points on each page. There’s usually other resources included too, such as timelines, maps, and biographies of key people.

Bible on your Phone/Table. There are numerous Bible apps available on all of the various device types. One of the best apps, which is also free(!), is called the ‘YouVersion’. It has numerous versions of the Bible (including audio) and excellent reading plans. To download the app, visit www.youversion.com

New Testament For Everyone Series: These little books by Tom Wright are an excellent form of devotional that you can use every day. Each book covers a book of the New Testament and is split into a series of readings and reflections. The reflections are superb, drawing on thoughtful scholarship yet also applicable to life. If you have found it challenging to read the Bible, I would recommend picking up one of these books – try starting with “Mark for Everyone”.

Other Devotionals. We have some free devotionals available in the foyer

More generally, if you have questions about the Bible, this book is an excellent resource: A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible (by John Dickson): If you have doubts about the reliability of the Bible (or even if you don’t!), this is a really helpful book that provides an intelligent overview and approach by an Australian minister and historian.