Parish Council Nominations


Rather than wait until the official AGM early in 2016, it has been a tradition at St Bart's to elect new office bearers for Parish Council, Wardens, Nominators, and sometimes Synod Persons prior to the end of the current year. This enables new people to attend a meeting in December and rather than go into recess, continue to meet in January. Far too often, committees meet for a December meeting and rather than discuss business have a Christmas party. They skip January and the February meeting is involved in getting the new committee settled in. That’s the thinking behind all of this, and since St Bart's first became a parish in 2003, we have done it our way and it works well. At St Bart’s, we have elected 2 wardens with one appointed by the Priest-in-Charge. We have also found that nine Parish Councillors works well, six elected and three appointed by the PIC, though this has to be voted for at the meeting of parishioners. This year we will not need to vote for Synod Persons as they were elected for 3 years in 2013 for the 3 years to 2016. Nominators have traditionally been appointed as the wardens.

The Deferred AGM will be held on Sunday November 29, and we would like all parishioners to prayerfully consider who should be our Parish Council for 2016. This is not a role to be considered lightly as some very important decisions are made which reflect our future direction. We need to ensure we are acting as God would want us to ensure our relevance in the community.

At the same time, we need to be mindful of the calling of some to leadership positions in the various areas of ministry, and perhaps this is where some are called.

What we are asking is that every parishioner commits the next few weeks to pray for who God wants in each of these positions, and if you are nominated, to prayerfully consider what you will bring to the table. 2016 is going to be an exciting year. It’s a wonderful journey to be part of God’s Kingdom