Barefoot Bowls


A field of around 30 (mostly quite amateur) bowlers got together last Tuesday evening as part of our annual men’s bowls night. Drayton Bowls Club was the venue for a night of fellowship. Congratulations must go to the people who provided a beautiful meal with a choice of sticky date pudding or apple pie. A few drinks were available to wash it all down. Then it was time for a game of bowls. There was enough in attendance to fill up the whole green. Though the previous night it had rained, a still easterly wind kept the threatening storms at bay, though also added to the difficulties in trying to place that biased bowl close to kitty. Just when it looked like you had allowed for the 40km per hour crosswind the wind would stop and the bowl would assume a different trajectory. That’s my story anyway.

Well there was the odd wayward bowl which found its way out of bounds, but the main thing was that no animals were hurt the whole time we were there. There was a bit of competition but in the end when stumps were called at about 8.45pm, we had all had a good time and enjoyed the company of some great blokes. Same time next year?