Taking Easter out into the Streets and Lanes of Toowoomba


An update (from onechurch.org.au) about a new initiative for Toowoomba next Easter:

Pastors from across the city have agreed to go ahead with a new Toowoomba festival at Easter time.

The Toowoomba Streets and Lanes Festival will be a free festival over the Easter weekend next year, run by churches as a gift to the community.

“It will definitely not be Easterfest,” said Dave Schenk, who will use his experience of running Easterfest to help guide and advise churches and Pastors in the running of the Streets and Lanes Festival.

“It will be very organic and stripped–back, with local churches being responsible for hosting their own contribution to the event,” said Dave.

The long-weekend event will be completely dependant on local churches and organisations getting involved by using their initiative and creativity to present their activity  in a chosen location in the streets and lanes of Toowoomba.

“Already, we have a number of churches who are keen to run live music stages around the city, in cafes and public areas,” said Dave. “Others have said they want to run dramas, markets, busking and other creative expressions.”

Dave said the city council, City Heart Traders and the Chamber of Commerce are 100% supportive of the concept.

“Easter is a special time for Christians,” said Dave. “Christ’s death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection speak of New Life. It is hoped that the festival can celebrate this New Life made available for all.”

Fore more information, visit: http://www.onechurch.org.au/news/october-2015/oct15-articles/item/708-taking-easter-out-into-the-streets-and-lanes-of-toowoomba