Early Bird Special for GLS 2016


We had great feedback from the GLS conference held two weeks ago at Hume Ridge, so it has been decided once again to pre purchase 25 tickets for GLS 2016. People who attended have been recalling little things in conversations such as Albert Tate’s talk on how a little boy came to Jesus with only two fish and 5 loaves and Jesus was able to feed a multitude. It was in the telling of the story that made it so memorable and brings a smile to the face every time. His point was that whatever the bad idea is, bring it to Jesus and then get out of the way and let him do the rest. From one who has attended many of these conferences I can only say I wouldn’t miss it, as the things some of the speakers say stick to you for a very long time. Although its name Global Leadership Conference suggests it is just for leaders, it is very much a series of talks from some incredible leaders to each and every one of us.

Last year the early bird rate was $119. This year it is $99 which represents very good value. We are asking people to record their names for next year’s conference on a sheet provided in the foyer, and deposit the amount of $99 into St Bart’s account BSB 704 901  Account no 00009650. The conference is over two days – a Friday and Saturday – at a date still to be announced, but around mid-October next year.

For those who missed the 2015 conference earlier this month, the parish has purchased a DVD with all the talks. Please contact the office it you would like to borrow it.