Church Camp Wrap Up


At our staff meeting on Wednesday, Adam asked me what I thought about the camp last weekend. I said I would give it a “B”. He looked a little perplexed; until I told him B stands for BRILLIANT! We had about 65 staying the whole weekend which included small children and some bigger ones – about 30 in all, the rest being adults, and a number of people joined us during Saturday for the talks and lunch at Crows Nest Falls.

It is quite an exercise for some, especially those with young families, dragging everything but the kitchen sink along, but I have yet to hear a complaint about anything. The theme was “Fruit of the Spirit” and we all witnessed plenty of it over the weekend….love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Actually all of those fruit were in abundance.

A parent of a child, who comes to Kids Club, and not a regular worshipper at St Bart’s, was amazed that there were no cliques and that everyone got on so well. Sometimes one just has to smile and give God the Glory.

For those who want to know what we did, it started with some games that were great fun followed by a little wine and cheese and nibbles or Friday evening. Saturday morning was the study in two sessions, where we broke up into small groups to discuss questions that Adam posed. Mass exodus then to Crows Nest falls for a barbecue and walk to the pools, when some enjoyed the cold water in the creek better than others. Then it was back to the Recreation Centre where people relaxed and enjoyed the facilities. The kids were having a ball. Dinner was followed by a multitude of board games where nearly all participated, and then more fun into the evening. On Sunday we had the third of the lessons and small group study, followed by Holy Communion and pack up.

At about 9.00pm on Saturday night, I asked a couple of people whether they had seen anyone playing video games. We all had to think hard. I guess there wasn’t time and from the youngest to the oldest everyone was either involved in physical activity or strengthening relationships with each other. That’s why the camp is so special in the life of St Bart’s.

There are so many who contributed to the success of the camp and we thank all of those people, but in the end there was so much prayer cover that we can only reflect and praise God from whom all blessings flow.