Appointment of Children & Families Minister


I am so excited to announce that Stephen Urmston will be taking up the position of Children & Families Minister from January next year! This appointment is a great answer to prayer and part of the incredible fruit from the generous support of VISION 2020. Throughout the selection process it has been so clear that the Urmstons are exactly who God has had in mind for St Bart’s! There have been so many confirmations by numerous people throughout the process and an incredible reminder of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Bishop Cameron was also involved in the interview and if you were at the Training Day, you may have already very well met Stephen, Sarah, and James! Currently living in Melbourne, Stephen is married to Sarah and have a wonderful baby son, James. Stephen is currently completing a Masters of Divinity at Ridley College whilst also working in children’s ministry at St Jude’s (Parkville). Previously he has worked at Trinity Bay Church in South Australia. Sarah, who has a background in university ministry, enjoys spending time with James, crocheting, colouring in, and watching reality TV. Stephen has loved puppets for a long time and uses them wonderfully in ministry. He also really enjoys movies, and when time allows relaxing on the PlayStation. His biggest love however is working with children and families as we work out how to live out the gospel together.

Please join with me in giving great thanks to God and please be praying for the Urmstons: that they will finish well in Melbourne and as they prepare for a big move. Pray for us as we prepare to welcome them as part of our St Bart’s family.