St Bart's Kids and Youth Behaviour Management Strategies Training Seminars

In response to a number of requests and current needs within our various Children’s and Youth Ministries at St Bart’s, we are inviting all volunteers, leaders, and assistants from St Bart’s Kids (including Creche, Sunday School, Kids Club) and Charge to complete a brief training seminar on Behaviour Management strategies. This training will be conducted by Bettrys Lowe and Brooke Rouhead and will provide a number of very practical strategies, tips, and approaches that can be implemented across all age groups to assist with the safety, teaching, and learning of all of the children and youth in our care. Each session will only be 1hr in length. We have arranged two sessions (you only need to complete one of these) to take place. Offering sessions on two separate dates will hopefully aid everyone to find one option that suits their calendar, and also provide any husband/wife teams with the option to choose separate sessions to allow the respective spouse to care for their own children.

The two sessions available are:

Book via our website or by using the clipboards available in the foyer at St Bart's.