Update About Baby Hannah

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and prayers for Lisa, Hannah, and family. Here's an update from Lisa about Baby Hannah:

To my St Bart’s Family, thank you for your prayers, love and support. Look at me, I’m definitely soaring on Eagles wings! Mum and I have moved out of hospital to the apartment we rented in South Bank under a ‘Home Monitoring Program’. Mum has been trained to manage my care and medications and I can stay within a small radius of the hospital and return for weekly appointments. All being well, we can live as a family till my next operation. I’m sleeping in a snuggle bed, in a real cot, on top of the beautiful quilt you made for me. I am truly blessed and defying the odds- my feeding tube has been removed and I am fully breast fed! Please continue to uphold me and my family in your prayers! Love Hannah Grace