Homelessness in Toowoomba


A couple of week ago, the Basement Soup Kitchen Coordinator Nat Spary went homeless for a week during National Homeless Prevention Week (August 3-9) to help raise much-needed funds for this critical ministry. The Basement Soup Kitchen is Toowoomba's only soup kitchen which provides lunch time meals to anyone in need 11am - 12:30pm Monday to Thursday, and is co-ordinated by Base Services Inc. Most days The Basement Soup Kitchen sees 30 to 40 people in need including men and women, individuals and families of all ages who are homeless or at high risk of homelessness, ex-service people, people with health issues, people facing trauma due to grief, loss or separation, people with addictions, Indigenous Australians and migrants come in for something to eat and a chat. The Basement Soup Kitchen is vital for those doing it tough in Toowoomba, as it is often the only meal that person will eat for the day and the only place where they are able to connect and feel accepted. Nat has almost reached his target of $50,000, so there's still a great opportunity to support this ministry financially. If you would like to donate, visit: www.homelessforaweek.com.au