Funeral for Ed Hadley

It is with great sadness that we learnt of Ed Hadley's passing last week. Ed was a much loved member of St Bart's and so incredibly involved in the life of our church. One of my most striking memories of Ed was his great love for the Lord. Almost after every single service without fail, Ed would come out of the church with tears in his eyes - he would often be so overcome that he would need to sit down. Every time I would ask him if he was okay, he would simply respond with words like "I'm just so moved/struck/overwhelmed by the Gospel". Ed never lost his great appreciation for God's unfathomable love for us, especially that seen in Jesus Christ. As we give thanks for the life of Ed and pray for his family, may we all too be inspired to grow in our appreciation for the Gospel! The funeral will be held at 11.00AM this Wednesday (July 29) at Heritage Funerals (314 James Street, Toowoomba - opposite Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre).