Praying and Reading the Bible


A helpful (and challenging!) article from the Peter Corney Training Centre in Melbourne:

I don’t want to make any assumptions here. You may be going gangbusters with the spiritual disciplines of Prayer and Bible reading at the moment. All power to you brother or sister! But sometimes, we don’t go so well with these two things. We don’t pray in a disciplined way. We arrive at Church on Sunday, we get to the prayer time and we can’t remember the last time we prayed – but we know it should be more often. And sometimes we let our personal practice of reading the Bible by our self go neglected for far too long. It’s those times I want to talk about. What is the root cause of that neglect? Perhaps you’d say you get too busy doing other things or that you mentally decide to pray or read and then get distracted – by Facebook or Twitter or instagram or by games on your phone or by television. After a while it’s not an occasional forgetting but a chronic situation. But these are just symptoms of a deeper cause and it’s the deeper cause that needs to be addressed.

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