Genesis: New Series Starting Next Sunday


Next Sunday we commence a new series on Genesis - ‘Genesis: The Beginnings of Grace’. During this series, we will explore the first eleven chapters of Genesis and how these words are full of God's grace. To get started, it could be a great idea to read at least these eleven chapters of Genesis in one sitting (or the entire book!). It is also a wonderful opportunity to try out a small group if you’re not currently a member (please take a Small Group brochure or chat to our coordinators, John and Helen Obst). If you would like to read more about Genesis, here’s a few good books to get you started:

  • Genesis for Everyone (Part 1) by John Goldingay. I have ordered some copies of this book ($16.50 each) if you would like to purchase one, please let me know.
  • The Bible Book (there’s a brief section on Genesis) by Nick Page – a handy resource.
  • Salvation Begins: Reading Genesis by Andrew Reid.