Pray for David Johnstone and the Pastoral Care Team

Last week I (Adam) had the great privilege of seeing one of the workplaces/ministry settings of one of our members - David Johnstone. David is employed via the Anglican Church Southern QLD as Pastoral Care Coordinator for the Toowoomba region (in hospitals). He is based at the Toowoomba Base Hospital where there is an incredible and enduring Pastoral Care team. David does an amazing job (the whole team too) and I am so thankful that God has him there in that role! This is such a vital ministry and a wonderful display of Christ's love and healing. I asked David how we could be praying for him and the team, so please find some points below for your prayer:

  • Thanks for the team of volunteers and paid staff that put so much energy into Pastoral Care at the Toowoomba hospital and other hospitals and nursing homes across Toowoomba.
  • Thanks to God for a welcoming management team at the Base who are open to and encouraging to Pastoral care.
  • Wisdom for the leadership team as they plan for the next year and some of special challenges that they will face.
  • Pray for the team as they visit the sick and carry Christ,s love to those living with a variety of health issues.