Beanies for Mission to the Seafarers


There are many in our church that may not physically be able to do a lot of leg work, but certainly still contribute to helping others by knitting beanies. These beanies go all over the world, and the Mission to Seafarers at the Port of Brisbane, is well known by visiting sailors as the place to go to get a warm beanie. We are told that they like to get something different, and it is the colourful ones that are most popular. Last weekend was Synod weekend, so in all 330 beanies and two boxes of Bibles and Bible notes were taken down to Brisbane and handed over to a representative from Missions to Seafarers. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a tracking device on some to see where they go... just dreaming.

Each of the beanies has a verse of Scripture, and the Bibles are often written in different languages. Just another way of spreading the Gospel.