Mission Partner Prayer Points for this Week: CMS



  • For a place for us to stay for our time in Australia!
  • For encouragement this last month as we connected with a local brother who is beginning a work here among uni students - we are excited to see how God may use him!
  • For a recent work trip to a wetlands region. They were able to travel with another local brother who knows the Lord and got to learn a lot from him culturally.


  • For God’s protection over our apartment while we are in Australia. We have our language helper and a friend who will be staying here for some of the time. Pray that she will even pick up some of the books we happen to have lying around that explain the good news.
  • We will be attending a conference before heading home looking at good ways to build gatherings in places that have few people who know Him. Pray that this time will be helpful.
  • For further logistics to be sorted out on our return home and for our hearts to be at peace.
  • For a rich time at home - for rest, quality time with family and friends and opportunity to reflect and process the last 1.5 years. Pray for his ongoing work in our hearts and wisdom for the future.

For more information on our Mission Partnership with CMS, please contact liaison person, Richard Hargreaves.