Parish Council News

The warden’s usually meet twice monthly, and that is usually the main forum to discuss many of the nuts and bolts issues. These issues are then brought forward to Parish Council, which met last Tuesday evening after prayer. Lately, Risk Management and Child Protection have emerged as areas for further attention as our church grows and the needs of a “duty of care” weigh more heavily. Further training in these areas will be announced soon. Jeremy Freyburg will give an update on financial matters next month but the financial reports tables at PC show an improvement in several areas including increased donations to the building fund, and tithes and offerings now only 3% short of budget. Other matters discussed included Fr Ron’s report on the west, and the desperate need for assistance for Steffan ministering to all points west of St George and Roma. We have also been seeking better street signage to St Bart's, gaining feedback on numbers for the Training Day and the visit from Letitia Shelton at the Men’s Breakfast, both happening next month, and the need to ensure that privacy in the prayer corner is respected.