Three Areas of Influence


The evening of the second Tuesday of the month is normally when Parish Council meets. Last year about this time, the Parish Councillors were preparing to visit a number of larger churches including St Pauls in NZ and others in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Then there was the door knocking exercise pushing all of the councillors outside their comfort zone. On Tuesday night we were challenged some more when Adam asked the question β€œwhat are your top three areas of influence in which Jesus can be proclaimed?” It may be familiar to those in small groups as it was question 9 in the week one questions on being Mission Minded. As one who likes a game of golf and tennis, I certainly found myself acutely aware of those around me at tennis, looking for an opportunity. How about any others? Maybe it’s an opportunity to discuss again this week in your small group as we look at Week 2.