Family Week in Toowoomba: October 17-24


This year's theme for family week in October is "Come to the Table". Research shows that there are significant benefits from families eating together around the table, including: boosts child vocabulary, improves academic achievement, reduces obesity and medical conditions, enhances relationships, improves behaviour, and saves money. You can download a summary of the research from the family week website ( or access it directly ( The website also provides a range of ways to get involved, including tagging your instagram photos (of the family dinner) with the hashtag #cometothetabletogether (if you don't know what 'instagram' or a 'hashtag' is, don't worry! There are other ways to get involved!). Over the coming weeks there will be some advertisements on TV too.

About Family Week

From the Family Week website:

In late 2005 a number of business and community leaders met together with the goal of developing and promoting Toowoomba as a caring and supportive environment for families. Out of this meeting, an organisation called "Toowoomba Supports Families" was formed. Family Week is an initiative of Toowoomba Supports Families and is the main strategy in seeing the Toowoomba Regional area promoted as a great place for families to live.

The goal of Family Week is for businesses, clubs or individuals to organise an initiative, activity or event which recognises the importance of families. It is about celebrating all the wonderful qualities that make families special and to help support and strengthen families within their organisation. Over the last five years Family Week has enjoyed amazing support from the Toowoomba community with thousands of people participating in activities and events across the city.