Mission Partner Prayer Points for this Week: Hearts for Africa

  • Thank God for the many blessings we receive here in Tanzania - a spirit of thankfulness and dedication in our hearts - thank God that our prayers are heard.
  • Pray for God's gift of peace in the hearts of people.
  • For the lost and the wayward in this world; that our Lord will bless them with an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to bring them to conviction and joy in a new life.
  • Pray for spiritual courage; that people may be enlightened, and able to discern truth from error.
  • For the clergy; that the Word of God may bring spiritual understanding and humility.
  • For the life of the Amani Organization that we may be faithful to God's call and purpose.
  • Pray for God's blessing and guidance in the lives of key staff in Community Development; and all activities relating to cattle, pigs and chickens.
  • For funds to sponsor two young people desiring to attend teacher Training College.
  • Pray for Tanzania in approaching national elections in mid October; pray for peace and discernment.
  • For Ross Dunning, the new Chair of the Board, in Brisbane and all Board members as they commit to a strategic plan maintaining the viability of Hearts for Africa

For more information on our Mission Partnership with Hearts for Africa, please contact liaison person, Barry Stone.