Friendship Morning Tea

While it is great to have so many elderly residents from the aged care facilities at the morning tea on Wednesday June 10 at 10.00am, Ron has also asked for some of our parishioners to come along just to talk to our visitors. It can be a lonely existence for the elderly at times, so just to have someone come and sit down beside them and listen to the stories will make it a very special occasion. It would also be great to have assistance with transport, so if you can help please contact the office.

Set up will be at 8.00am Tuesday morning, so it would be appreciated if some men can come along at that time to move the chairs in the church and set up tables for about 100. Then the ladies will be doing the rest at about 11.30am.

If you haven’t advised the office of your attendance, please contact Jo on Tuesday phone (07) 4636 2922.